Belgium Through the Eyes of a Local (2013)

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After a four-day visit to the Netherlands, I took the train down to Antwerp, Belgium, to visit my friend Timothy, a native Belgian born and raised in this Northern city.

I have to confess I knew very little about Belgium before my visit: if asked about it, I’d pretty much only be able to mention chocolate, beer, waffles… and a fountain of a little boy peeing. After spending five days in Belgium with a local, I am blown away by the beauty and the history of this small European country.

Timothy showed me around his hometown, Antwerp, over a few days. Together, we also visited Bruges, a Western medieval town which, as touristy as it may be, is a must visit spot in the country; and Brussels, Belgium’s majestic capital. From incredibly detailed building façades, statues, monuments, parks and open public squares, Belgium’s cities…

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2 reacties op Belgium Through the Eyes of a Local (2013)

  1. Peter zegt:

    Isn’t it amazing: I must have passed by that very spot (Queen of waffles) at least a zillion times on my way to work, but all I met were families with kids screaming “mummy, I want another! Buy me another!”

    The two of you look like much more enjoyable company.

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