Andreas Derleth = Mister Gay World 2012

Andreas Derleth (32) uit Nieuw-Zeeland is zondagavond verkozen tot Mr. Gay World 2012. Derleth is een Duitser die vier jaar geleden verhuisde naar Nieuw-Zeeland. “Een evenement als Mr. Gay World draagt toe tot de zichtbaarheid van LGBT”, verklaarde de kersverse Mister. Derleth is ook nog Mister Gay New Zealand en Mr. Gay World Sports Challenge. Zuid-Afrikaan Lance Weyer en Fransman Rémy Fréjaville werden tweede en derde.

Zijn prijs omvat reischeques om de wereld rond te reizen. Bedoeling is dat Derleth alle deelnemende landen bezoekt. Deze zijn: Argentinië, Australië, Brazilië, Bulgarije, Canada, Chili, Tsjechië, Ethiopië, Finland, Frankrijk, Duitsland, Hongkong, Ierland, Mexico, Namibië, Nederland, Nieuw-Zeeland, Noorwegen, de Filippijnen, Zuid-Afrika, Spanje, Zwitserland, het Verenigd Koninkrijk, de Verenigde Staten en Venezuela.

De verkiezing van Mister Gay World 2012 vond plaats in de Zuid-Afrikaanse stad Johannesburg. Voor het eerst deden ook zwarte Afrikanen mee, wat niet zonder gevolgen bleef. Terwijl Mr. Gay Namibia Wendelinus Hamutenya nog de volle steun kreeg van zijn familie, trok Taurai Zhanje uit Zimbabwe zich terug nadat zijn moeder, een overheidsambtenaar, haar werk kon verliezen. De kandidaat uit Ethiopië Robel Hailu studeert dan wel in Zuid-Afrika, maar werd onterft door zijn vader nadat zijn deelname op de radio werd aangekondigd.

Derleth volgt Francois Nel op. Volgend jaar wordt de verkiezing in Antwerpen gehouden.

Media Alert: New Zealand wins Mr. Gay World 2012

Mr. Gay New Zealand wins Mr. Gay World 2012 in Johannesburg at the Fourth Annual International Competition. France comes 3rd and The Netherlands 5th!

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – from the twenty-two gay men representing their respective countries in the 4th annual Mr. Gay World competition held in Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City on Sunday, April 8th, Andreas (Andy) Derleth of New Zealand was elected Mr. Gay World 2012. Andy will continue to carry on the vision and mission of the organization that seeks to fight the discrimination and stigma faced by the gay community in many countries today.  Mr. Gay World empowers and raises the visibility of optimistic gay men in a constructive dialogue with our fellow citizens.

Andreas (Andy) Derleth is an operations project manager of Warehouse Stationery in New Zealand.  Originally from Hassfurt, Germany, Andy has a Bachelor degree in business management.  He has a passion for travel and sports and participated in the 2nd Asia-Pacific Outgames and is very excited to be going to Antwerp next year for the worldOutgames.  Andy is in a long term relationship and on the 11-11-11 he entered in a same-sex civil union in New Zealand.

Other awards presented included:
Mr. Gay Swimwear – New Zealand (Andreas Derleth);
Sports Challenge – New Zealand (Andreas Derleth);
Best Interview Challenge – New Zealand (Andreas Derleth);
Mr. Gay Formal wear – Netherlands (Thom Goderie);
Mr. Gay Congeniality – Netherlands (Thom Goderie);
Mr. Gay People’s Choice Award – Philippines (Carlito Floro Rosadino, jr)
Mr. Gay National Costume – Philippines (Carlito Floro Rosadino, jr).
Mr. Gay Photogenic – Argentina (Gonzalo Enrique Bagalor)
Mr. Gay Outreach – Czech Republic (Tomas Fryda)
Top Score in the MGW Written Exam – South Africa (Lance Weyer)
2012 Eric Butter Philanthropy Award – Coenie Kukkuk
1st Runner Up:  South Africa (Lance Weyer)
2nd Runner Up: France (Remy Frejaville)
3rd Runner Up:  USA (Kevin Scott Power)
4th Runner Up: Netherlands (Thom Goderie)

In a spectacular grand finale at The Lyric Theatre, South Africa’s member of the board, Coenie Kukkuk, known for being a gay advocate himself made the customary turnover to Belgium’s worldOutgames Antwerp 2013 producer, Jerko Bozikovic, which will be the next host producer of Mr. Gay World 2013 in Antwerp Belgium (August 1-5, 2013).

The international judging panel consisted of: Briand Bedford-Eichier editor and chief of Spartacus International Gay Guide (Germany), Eric Butter president of Mr. Gay World, Ltd. (Australia), Andrew Creagh editor and chief of DNA Magazine (Australia), Frank Malaba human rights activist and radio producer/host (South Africa), Dr. Pubern Padayachee medical doctor and TV host/actor (India), Remco Teppema co-founder and co-publisher of WINQ and Mate magazines (Netherlands), Terry Tucker registered professional geoscientist and a successful senior executive in the mineral exploration, mining and finance industry (Canada).

Prizes: Being the new Mr. Gay World 2012, he will receive Sterling Silver Mr. Gay World Cup, Mr. Gay World 2012 Sash, Approximate US$25,000 travel allowance to visit the five continents during his term as Mr. Gay World 2012.  Club Travel Cape Quarter will provide the title-holder a trip for two from the title-holder’s home country back to South Africa for a one week holiday including round trip economy airfare and hotel.  The winner will also receive a one year supply of Bone Wear swimwear and underwear, Custom jewellery from designer Chris Winspear, MichaelGamePlan cosmetics, Spartacus Travel Guide, Clothes from Old Favourite, Tuition for correspondent study from College South Africa, Four-Night stay at the Taj hotel in Cape Town immediately following the Mr. Gay World 2012 Grand Finale, plus a 8 Nights Namibia Highlights Tour – Dunes/Desert & Wildlife – Guided Safari incl. Accommodation and meals sponsored by Namibia JJ Tours, And more…
First Runner Up thru to Fourth Runner Up The top five finalist of Mr. Gay World 2012 will also receive the following prizes: Jewellery from designer Chris Winspear, MichaelGamePlan cosmetics, Spartacus travel guides, clothes from Old Favourite, Tuition for correspondent study course from College South Africa, and more…

Mr. Gay World 2012 Grand Finale was held at the Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef city on Sunday, April 8th.  The official host hotel was the Fairway Hotel & Golf Resort.  For more information on the five day competition please visit

Photos (HIGH RES/LOW RES) can be downloaded at this LINK

The mission of Mr. Gay World (MGW) is to advance national and international gay rights through education and public performance.  MGW creates authentic leaders who will take responsibility, not only in his own community but on a global stage, speaking out for equal rights by inspiring those around him.  MGW is a genuine and positive role model that will champion equality and diversity in the media both gay and mainstream.

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