Antwerp Pride 2011 main event = Wave @ Pure (Industria), Indiëstraat

Wave, zo heet het hoofdfeest van de Antwerp Pride. Over het twee maanden is het wel zo ver.


16.00 h – 23.00h
Indiëstraat – 2000 Antwerpen

This year’s Antwerp Pride Main Event will be an event like you’ve never experienced before! The organisers and promoters behind Café de Love and Café de Luxe on the one hand and Pannekoek and Mezzo Giorno on the other hand will be joining forces to organise a not be missed event. Last year they worked together at the request of Antwerp Pride for the successful Antwerp Pride Closing Festival (3,000 visitors) and also this year they will make sure Antwerp will shake on its foundations on Saturday.

On that day all national and international visitors will be partying on two events (day & night) instead of just one. The line-up is impressive. The open-air afternoon event WAVE has no less than 6 DJs programmed, 3 of which with an international reputation and 3 top artists from Belgium and abroad! In the evening you can go crazy on GORGEOUS! In one of the most exclusive party venues of the city 4 DJs will be performing on stage that night. Thanks to the international artists and some special acts you will experience the night of a lifetime.

You can even put together your own programme. If you are an early bird who doesn’t want to stay up (too) late, you can start early at 4pm. But maybe you’re a nightclubber and then your party starts a bit later (11pm). The open-air afternoon event takes place in the street of the club where the evening/night event is organised, so you don’t even have to move. Thanks to the multiple eating and drinking stands, you won’t starve or die of thirst. The afternoon event will be closed with the same big bang the evening/night event starts with!

The organisers are not responsible for early birds suddenly turning into nightclubbers!!!

SATURDAY 25.06.11

11.00u – Erotic Art Expo
11.00u – Pink fair @ Kammenstraat
12.00u – Nightsauna
13.00u – Park Picknick
14.00u – Terrazza
14.00u – Guided gay city tour
16.00u – WAVE
17.00u – Popi’s Sunny & Cherry
17.00u – Guided gay café tour
20.00u – Naked/jockstrap/slip/chaps
21.00u – Love Boat
22.00u – 80’s & 90’s party
22.00u – Full Fetish party
23.00u – Gorgeous party
23.00u – Salvation
23.00u – Latino party
23.00u – Don’t stop till you drop!

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