Giulio Spatola = Mr. Gay Europe 2010/2011 (+ video)

De 26-jarige Giulio Spatola uit Italië is zaterdag gekroond tot Mister Gay Europe 2010/2011.

Mr. Gay Italy is the new Mr. Gay Europe

It was Giulio Spatola (26) from Italy who Saturday evening took home the crown of Mr. Gay Europe 2010/2011!

The 1st runner up was Christo Willesen (25) from Sweden and the 2nd runner up was Barry “Baz” Francis Gouldsbury (27) from Ireland.

The contest took place in the Romanian winter wonderland of Poiana Brasov in the elegant Club Avalanche! The house was packed with enthusiastic conference members of Eu sunt! Tu? (I Am! You?) – addressed to the Romanian gay community and is implemented by foundation Population Services International in Romania (PSI). They cheered wildly when Romania, not surprisingly, won the Peoples’ Choice Award.

Other awards went to Turkey for No. 1 Talent, Iceland was the challenge winner, Sweden was elected Mr. Photogenic and Mr. Congeniality among the Delegates themselves and Italy also became Mr. Gay Swim Wear.

Mr. Gay Europe Giukio Spatola is a film maker and hotel manager and his hobbies include cinema, music, disco, video editing and going to the gym.

“I want to dedicate this award to David Kato, the gay activist killed in Uganda in January”, said Mr. Spatola to the audience after the event.

His MGE-statement is:

“To win the Mister Gay Europe’s title would be an important occasion to emphasize in Europe the Italian GLBT situation and much more. A situation which comes from the difficulties of who lives every day the castrating effects of sexual discrimination but which could easily be extended to all Italians who today collects the bitter fruits of Berlusconi’s politics. We are Europeans on the map and in the wallet, but not in politic and for sure not in the head. It is time to conform and progress because being Italian is no longer enough.

Come what may, I would like to create a Delegates Team of work around GLBT issues of each European (and Worldwide) country. One World Pride or EuroPride a year is not enough for our purposes. I believe that keeping in touch and to talk to our countries is the duty of every Mr. Gay and we should work together in this direction.

As I always say: One voice is stronger and clearer than a hum.”

Giulio Spatola will be present at various gay prides this summer and his prize includes a trip to New York in the fall.

The Romanian producers provided great security for the Delegates as the police did an amazing job and the hospitality was so warm and everyone felt right at home.

(Click on the photo for high resolution image) (Photo: Sebastian Nicholas)

Mr. Gay Europe 2010/2011 in numbers:

The Mr. Gay Europe competition is not just a big show; it is many competitions that takes place during a five days long event. Throughout the week the Delegates collect points and the last night they have the last chance to impress the jury in order to win the title of Mr. Gay Europe.

Here are the top 3 in the various competitions:

No. 1 Talent
1. Mr. Gay Turkey
2. Mr. Gay Romania
3. Mr. Gay Sweden
3. Mr. Gay Italy
3. Mr. Gay France

The Peoples’ Choice Award (Internet voting)
1. Mr. Gay Romania
2. Mr. Gay Italy
3. Mr. Gay Ireland

Mr. Gay Swim Wear
1. Mr. Gay Italy
2. Mr. Gay Sweden
3. Mr. Gay Romania

The Interview (A preliminary jury interviews the Delegates like a job interview.)
1. Mr. Gay Italy
2. Mr. Gay Norway
3. Mr. Gay Ireland

The Speech (The Delegates speaks about a cause that inspires them.)
1. Mr. Gay Italy
2. Mr. Gay Ireland
3. Mr. Gay Iceland

Mr. Gay Photogenic (Based on a photo session during the event)
1. Mr. Gay Sweden
2. Mr. Gay Ireland
3. Mr. Gay Italy

Focus and contribution (Based on rehearsals during the event)
1. Mr. Gay Sweden
2. Mr. Gay Italy
3. Mr. Gay Norway

The Challenge (This is a Delegate who stands out as a team player/leader)
1. Iceland

Mr. Gay Congeniality (Voted by the fellow Delegates)
1. Mr. Gay Sweden

The Grande finale show (Based on fashion, attitude and contact with audience.)
1. Mr. Gay Italy
2. Mr. Gay Sweden
3. Mr. Gay Ireland

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