Leatherpride 2011 Antwerpen van 20 tot 24 januari

Over anderhalve maand kunnen de liefhebbers van fetisj en kinky stuff helemaal uit de bol gaan op een nieuwe Leatherpride.

Hoogtepunten van deze editie zijn onder meer de Mister Leather Belgium 2011-verkiezing, Mezzo Giorno, Big Bang, Mega Full Fetish Party, Popi’s Hysterical Sightseeing Tour en SM & Fetish for Dummies. Het volledige programma staat al online.


In January 2010 Leatherpride Belgium was born. With a very succesful edition we started what might become a new tradition, a yearly gathering of thousands of gay fetish lovers and sympathizers.

With Leatherpride we pursue three goals:
– Strengthening of the gay fetish scene
– Public visibility to reduce prejudices
– Support of associations and organizations taking care of people with HIV and AIDS

Location of this happening is Antwerp, no doubt the fetish heart of Europe. It’s flourishing gay fetish scene started years ago in a club called The Boots, one of Europe’s oldest, biggest and still extremely popular gay fetish clubs. Over the years several bars came and went. Latest additions to the scene are Oink Club and Rox.

Again this year the non-fetish bars, restaurants and clubs will participate in a programme that almost doubled. With these initiatives every gay in Antwerp will have the chance to get in touch and learn more about our fantastic scene.


The fetish scene in Belgium is spread over different cities. From Brussels to Antwerp and from Liege to Kortrijk. With Leatherpride, a worldwide well known concept, our country now has a national event that brings the whole fetish community together.

We are very happy with the coöporation from shops and clubs in Brussels. Click here to find out wich other places of fetish interest Belgium has to offer.


I would personally like to thank everyone who helped to make this event possible. My special gratitude goes out to:
– Dimitri & Frank for their help with translations
– Geert for his all round support
– Antoin for the organizational help and sweet kisses
– All the sponsors for their investment in this event

– Anyone I forgot to mention … x

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