Antwerp Pride 2010 – The White Party: DJ’s bekend en presale gestart

De voorverkoop voor The White Party is gestart. Dit feest vervangt NaviGAYtion tijdens de Antwerp Pride op 26 juni. Prijzen starten vanaf 8,50 euro voor vroege vogels en kunnen uiteraard oplopen volgens het gewenst pakket.

White Party® main event for Antwerp Pride 2010!It’s All White at Antwerp Pride…

From the air it will look as if a summer smattering of unseasonal snow will have fallen on Antwerp, in reality it will be the biggest White Party ever held anywhere in Europe. Only something as huge as Antwerp Pride 2010 could attract such a massive gathering, making Antwerp the place to be June 24-27.

White Party will welcome 8000 suitably dressed revelers to the banks of the beautiful River Schelde; a perfect half open air party space setting at Kaai 21 Steenplein Antwerp on Saturday June 26th. The party starts at 3pm and will go on until midnight closing just in time for Antwerp Priders to enjoy the official closing party.

Expect the usual urbane event that has become world famous – sparklingly white décor, stylish backdrops and of course the famous White Party go-go’s. But as ice cool as the White Parties are we know it will be the tunes that will make the night a real show-stopper. Antwerp 2010 will not disappoint – As well as Anna Grace and Lasgo performing live on stage there will be the usual line up of stellar DJ’s. DJ Benjamin & DJ Nikko setting the mood and warming you up to a sultry party glow. Holland’s next big DJ Nicky Romero & featuring Kristel will follow and launch his appropriately named brand new remix “Love ’n Pride”, as the new White Party Anthem ’10. Next up is USA’s top DJ Kidd Madonny cos it just isn’t a White Party without a top American DJ and finally DJ Max Morel will close White Party Antwerp in grand style.

There is much more to tell about the White Party Antwerp Pride Edition but you have to find it out yourself by showing up at the biggest White Party ever held in Europe! Check our tickets & packages. But don’t be surprised if the Early Bird tickets of only € 8,50 are gone, buy in time!

Saturday June 26th, 2010
15:00 – 00:00hrs


‘Kaai 21′ Steenplein Antwerp

15:00-16:00 DJ Benjamin (FR)
16:00-17:00 DJ Nikko (DE)
17:00-19:00 DJ Nicky Romero (NL)
19:00-22:00 DJ KIDD MADONNY (USA)
22:00-00:00 DJ Max Morel (NL)

Anna Grace (BE)
Lasgo (BE)

Premiere of the brandnew White Party Anthem:
“Love ’n Pride” by Nicky Romero featuring Kristel!

dresscode: white!

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